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Intelligent Design the Future: November 2013 Archives

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November 27, 2013

New Philosophy of Cosmology Wrestles with Origins, Fine-Tuning

On this episode of ID The Future, host David Boze reports on the latest views of a group of cosmologists who want to establish a new philosophy of cosmology to tackle the big questions of the universe. What happened after the Big Bang? Was there something before that to cause the existence of the universe? What are bubble universes? Why does our planet seem fine-tuned for the existence of human life? And why is man the only species so far to be intelligent enough to produce technology? Listen in as Boze discusses a new approach to some very old problems.

November 25, 2013

The Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring John West on C.S. Lewis

On this episode of ID the Future, CSC Associate Director Dr. John West discusses the legacy of C.S. Lewis in honor of the recent 50th anniversary of Lewis' passing. Tune in and learn about some of C.S. Lewis' seemingly prophetic insights into science and society, as well as his perspectives on Darwinism and intelligent design.

To explore this topic further, visit

Watch the new short documentary that explores C.S. Lewis' journey to discover evidence of intelligent design in a world filled with evil, cruelty, and suffering.

November 22, 2013

Does Darwinism Devalue Human Life?

On this episode of ID The Future, CSC Fellow Dr. Richard Weikart, author of From Darwin to Hitler, asks: does Darwinism devalue human life? Some Darwinists deny that Darwinism has any ethical implications at all. In this short clip, Dr. Weikart looks at comments from Darwinists about the animal ancestry of humans and shows how they blurr the distinction between the animal kingdom and humanity, negating the idea of human exceptionalism.

November 20, 2013

New Documentary Explores C.S. Lewis' Views on Intelligent Design

On this episode of ID the Future, hear about a new short documentary that explores C. S. Lewis' life-long struggle to find intelligent design in a world filled with pain. Discover Lewis' journey that took him from a position sharply hostile to arguments for design to views bearing remarkable similarities to those advocated by ID proponents today.

Watch "C.S. Lewis and Intelligent Design".

See here for the previous two installments:
"The Magician's Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism"
"C.S. Lewis and Evolution"

November 18, 2013

The Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring Stephen Meyer & Michael Shermer

On this episode of ID the Future, Stephen Meyer debates Michael Shermer, founder and publisher of Skeptic Magazine, about how Darwinian evolution should be taught in the public school classroom. Should students be allowed to learn about the scientific challenges to neo-Darwinism? Listen in on this candid discussion.

November 13, 2013

Defending Critical Analysis in Cross-Examination: Dr. Stephen Meyer Answers Questions in Texas

This episode of ID the Future features Dr. Stephen Meyer responding to his critics during a questioning period before the Texas State Board of Education in 2009. Listen in as philosopher of science Meyer cuts through the rhetorical strategies in this debate and exposes the strengths and weaknesses of the Darwinist position, rebutting the misinformation about Discovery Institute's education policy and laying out the legitimate scientific dissent from Darwin.

November 11, 2013

Senator Joe Lieberman on Intelligent Design & the "Anti-Science" Label

On this episode of ID The Future, host David Boze interviews former vice-presidential candidate Senator Joe Lieberman on seeing the hand of a designer in nature and the label of "anti-science" being attached to those who see evidence of design in nature. Lieberman also relates anecdotes from his recently co-authored book The Gift of Rest with Discovery Institute senior fellow and Evolution News & Views editor David Klinghoffer.

Get more information on The Gift of Rest.

November 8, 2013

Global Warming Dissenters: Same Attacks, Different Issue

On this episode of ID The Future, we explore how attacks on skeptics of man-made global warming are similar to those against proponents of intelligent design. Host David Boze talks with Casey Luskin about recent examples of these attacks, why they are happening, and how to handle them. Says Luskin: "Academic freedom for dissenters from global warming and dissenters from Darwinian evolution are being marginalized and, in some cases, being censored in many of the same ways." Tune in to learn more about this interesting development!

November 6, 2013

What is Speciation?

On this episode of ID the Future, David Boze interviews Casey Luskin about a 2012 study published in Nature that claimed that scientists can predict the number of species that will develop within a clade. Such forecasts of speciation are based on the amount of living space available and the prominence of sexually selected traits. However, many of the differences between "species" are quite trivial; what constitutes one species as separate from another when there are no fundamental distinctions?

November 4, 2013

Intelligent Designs in Nature Make Engineers Envious

On this episode of ID the Future, learn about some of scientists' latest attempts to copy sophisticated designs found in the natural world. This emerging science of imitating nature, known as biomimetics, has attracted extensive research and led to new technologies. As uniform experience has shown, such good design comes not from blind processes, but from a good mind.

November 1, 2013

The Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring Dr. Paul Nelson on Artificial Life

On this episode of ID the Future, Dr. Paul Nelson joins Michael Medved to discuss genomics guru Dr. Craig Venter's claim to have created synthetic life in the lab. Can life be reduced to mere physics and chemistry, as Dr. Venter asserts? Or is there more to life that requires a creative mind?