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Intelligent Design the Future: December 2011 Archives

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December 30, 2011

Seeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design

In this episode of ID The Future, Casey Luskin interviews Bradley J. Monton, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder, about his 2009 book Seeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design. As the book's title suggests, Monton is an atheist who feels that some intelligent design (ID) arguments hold merit and are worth taking seriously. Listen to this podcast as Monton explains how ID-critics commonly dismiss the theory through fallacious objections that do not address the actual arguments of ID-proponents.

December 28, 2011

Know Your ID Terms: Irreducible Complexity Explained

This episode of ID the Future features an excerpt from a radio interview Casey Luskin did with Sound Rezn's Alex McFarland, explaining what irreducible complexity really entails.

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December 26, 2011

Evolutionary Psychologist: Religion is an "Adaptation" but not a "Universal Acid"

On this episode of ID The Future, Casey Luskin discusses recent comments by evolutionary psychologist Matt Rossano disclaiming the idea that evolution poses any threat to belief in God. Yet in his recent book Supernatural Selection: How Religion Evolved, Rossano contends that religion evolved as an adaptation and was not created by God. "The more we understand evolution, the less it seems neither like the bogey man creationists fear nor the universal god-dissolving acid some atheists crave."
Join Luskin as he unpacks Rossano's conflicting viewpoints and adds some interesting points of his own.

December 21, 2011

Biomimetics and the Design of the Eye

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin shares his article in the latest issue of Salvo Magazine on how biomimetics points to intelligent design. He also rebuts common objections that the vertebrate eye is "poorly designed."

For more information on Salvo Magazine, check out

December 19, 2011

Is Darwinian Evolution a Theory, Fact, or Hypothesis? New Paper Helps Clarify

On this episode of ID The Future, Casey Luskin discusses a paper by Northern Arizona University philosopher Peter Kosso that challenges the typical definition of theory used by the Darwin lobby. When attacking opponents, Darwin lobbyists, such as those in the National Academy of Sciences, have defined "theory" as necessarily requiring a vast body of evidence. But is that what "theory" really means? Some people even describe Darwinian evolution to be both theory and fact. Tune in as Luskin clarifies these terms and reveals methods we can use to challenge Darwinian evolution without getting caught up in an endless argument of semantics.

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December 16, 2011

Steve Meyer Discusses TrueU, a Science & Faith Curriculum for College-Bound Students

On this episode of ID The Future, Dr. Stephen Meyer, Director of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture, discusses TrueU, a new DVD project that helps equip students for the big questions on science and faith they're likely to face in college. Meyer talks about the historical relationship between science and faith, the new atheists, and the importance of equipping students with evidence and arguments on both sides of important questions.

The first set of 10 sessions - Does God Exist? - surveys recent findings in the physical and biological sciences, as well as mathematical probabilities, which provide a compelling case against the common argument that belief in God is "just a blind leap of faith." The second 10 sessions deal with the reliability of the Bible.

Visit for ordering information.
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December 14, 2011

Writer, Producer Fred Foote Sets the Record Straight with Alleged

On this episode of ID The Future, host David Boze interviews filmmaker Fred Foote, writer and producer of the new feature-length drama Alleged, which seeks to tell the real story behind the infamous 1925 Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee that pitched Darwinian evolution against belief in God. After seeing the 1960 film Inherit the Wind, starring Gene Kelly and Spencer Tracy, Foote did his own research into the trial and discovered that Inherit the Wind was "almost exactly wrong" on many crucial points. So he set out to make another movie that would set the record straight and would explore how media can influence society's perspective on past events.

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December 12, 2011

Key Figures in Intelligent Design Measure the Impact of Discovery Institute

On this special year-end episode of ID The Future, David Boze celebrates the impact of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture in supporting scientific research and defending academic freedom for scientists, scholars, and others in the intelligent design movement. Boze interviews astronomer Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, Biologic Institute director Dr. Douglas Axe, and author and Discovery Institute senior fellow Dr. David Berlinski.

Says Berlinski: "Nobody else is doing what the Discovery Institute has been able to do, and that is really put an entire scientific establishment on the defensive, forced for the first time to respond to some very significant criticism..."

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December 9, 2011

The Impact of Signature In The Cell on the ID debate in Britain

On this episode of ID The Future, host David Boze interviews CSC Director, Dr. Stephen Meyer about his recent trip to London and new ID developments in the UK. Additionally, they discuss how well Meyer's book Signature in the Cell is holding up to the latest scientific research.

December 7, 2011

Felipe Aizpún Discusses His New Book "Charles Darwin Frente Al Diseño Inteligente"


In this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin interviews author Felipe Aizpún as they discuss the new volume Charles Darwin Frente Al Diseño Inteligente, a book with contributions in Spanish from various authors critical of Darwinian evolution. Aizpún is a member of the Organización Internacional para el Avance Científico del Diseño Inteligente (OIACDI) and a contributor to the pro-ID Spanish blog, ¿Darwin o DI?.

December 5, 2011

Senator Joe Lieberman on Intelligent Design & the "Anti-Science" Label

On this episode of ID The Future, host David Boze interviews former vice-presidential candidate Senator Joe Lieberman on seeing the hand of a designer in nature and the label of "anti-science" being attached to those who see evidence of design in nature. Lieberman also relates anecdotes from his recently co-authored book The Gift of Rest with Discovery Institute senior fellow and Evolution News & Views editor David Klinghoffer.

Get more information on The Gift of Rest.

December 2, 2011

Whales: New "Icon of Evolution" or a Challenge to Darwinian Theory?

On this episode of ID The Future, Casey Luskin discusses a recent fossil discovery that puts a kink in the evolutionary explanation of whales. Evolutionists claim that whales evolved from fully terrestrial mammals to fully aquatic ones in 5-10 million years. The new fossil find of a whale jaw bone shrinks that number considerably, making a shaky theory even shakier. Luskin explains that it's highly unlikely that the number of changes needed for such a transformation could occur in such a small time period. "Mathematically speaking, it is not possible that an unguided Darwinian process could take a land mammal to a whale in such a short period of time."

Read Luskin's article on Evolution News & Views covering the recent fossil discovery.