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October 18, 2011
Prof. John Lennox Responds to Stephen Hawking with New Book

In this edition of ID The Future, John Lennox discusses his latest book, God and Stephen Hawking, a response to Hawking's recent work The Grand Design. In his book, Hawking attempts to provide answers to life's grandest questions. Why is there something rather than nothing? When and how did the universe begin? What is the nature of reality? In his response, Lennox questions Hawking's attempts to refute the need for a creator. "To offer people a choice between God and science as explanation is like offering people a choice between Henry Ford and mechanical engineering as an explanation for a Ford motor car! In order to explain it completely, you need an explanation in terms of science and in terms of agency. It is the same with God and the universe." Is philosophy dead, as Hawking claims? Is the so-called M-theory the "only viable candidate" for a complete 'theory of everything'? Tune in and find out!

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