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November 12, 2008
The Importance of Being Human

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This episode of ID the Future we're highlighting a new podcast by Discovery Institute senior fellow Wesley J. Smith, called What It Means to Be Human.

Why is human exceptionalism is so important for universal human rights? Smith defines human exceptionalism and explains that there is a war being waged against unique human worth on many fronts, from personhood theory and the animal liberation movement to radical environmentalism and philosophical materialism. Very powerful forces have dedicated themselves to convincing us that we really aren't all that important. Smith examines these attacks and shows why human exceptionalism must be defended for the sake of human rights everywhere.

Mr. Smith has written extensively on human exceptionalism and bioethics, garnering him the Human Life Foundation's 2008 Great Defender of Human Life Award in October. For more information on Discovery Institute's program in Human Rights and Bioethics, go here.