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October 17, 2007
Was Justice Denied to FTE during the Dover Intelligent Design Trial?

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On this episode of ID The Future we're featuring an interview by CSC public policy officer Casey Luskin with Seth Cooper (himself an attorney and former public policy officer with the CSC) about strange sordid tale of the mistreatment of the Foundation for Thought & Ethics throughout the Dover intelligent design trial. Next month PBS will air a NOVA mockumentary that alleges to tell the true story about the Dover trial. Knowing PBS' past record on the issue of evolution and intelligent design it is unlikely that they will tell the whole story. Here then is one important piece to be aware of.

Seth Cooper is the co-author of an article entitled, "A Textbook Case of Judicial Activism: How a Pro-ID Publisher Was Denied its Day in Court," which describes how the publisher of the textbook Of Pandas and People, Foundation for Thought and Ethics (FTE), was denied the right to become a party to the Kitzmiller trial despite the fact that its intellectual property rights were implicated in the lawsuit.