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Intelligent Design the Future: December 2006 Archives

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December 29, 2006

Dr. Stephen Meyer Discusses his Peer-Reviewed Science Article about Intelligent Design on PBS' "Think Tank"

On this episode of ID The Future we are featuring a clip from PBS' Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg. CSC Director Dr. Stephen Meyer appeared on the program and in this segment discusses the publication of his article "The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories" in the peer-reviewed biology journal the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, published out of the Smithsonian Institution.

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The publication of the article led to harassment and discrimination against the editor of the journal, evolutionary biologist Dr. Richard Sternberg.

December 27, 2006

The Year's Top Intelligent Design Stories

On this episode of ID The Future, CSC's Casey Luskin interviews Access Research Network's Dennis Wagner about the top intelligent design news stories of 2006.

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Access Research Network has compiled a list of the top intelligent design stories of the past year. The list spans the globe and includes such highlights as:

  • 60% of U.S. Medical Doctors Doubt Macroevolutionary Theory
  • Fly Eye Important Blueprint for Creating Better Video Systems
  • Europeans Question the Value of Teaching Macroevolution
  • Over 600 Scientists Express Skepticism of Darwinian Evolution
  • Scientists Conduct New Research Using Intelligent Design Theory.

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December 25, 2006

A Year After Dover, Some States Still Encourage Teaching of Debate Over Darwin

In this second of a two part series, CSC senior fellow, John West, reports that since the Dover ruling Darwinists have bullied some school districts into limiting their teaching of Darwinian evolution, yet some states and localities are continuing to adopt public policies to encourage students to study the scientific evidence for and against Darwin's theory.

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December 22, 2006

Congressional Report Shows NCSE Spied on Government Scientist Skeptical of Darwinian Evolution

One of the most disturbing revelations of the recent congressional investigation into the Smithsonian's persecution of Richard Sternberg is the behind-the-scenes role of the pro-Darwin lobbying group the National Center for Science Education (NCSE).

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Richard.sternberg.jpgBut spying was only part of the NCSE's role. According to the congressional report, the NCSE helped mastermind efforts by government officials to publicly smear Sternberg with false information.

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December 20, 2006

A Year After Dover, Debate Over Darwin Continues

A year ago today, Judge John E. Jones issued his 139-page ruling denouncing intelligent design in the Kitzmiller v. Dover case. At the time, the ruling was hailed by defenders of Darwin's theory as a knock-out blow against intelligent design and scientific skepticism of Darwin's theory.

What a difference a year makes.

CSC senior fellow, John West, reports that since the Dover ruling Darwinists seem increasingly disillusioned as well as shrill, the central part of Judge Jones' "brilliant" decision has been found to be riddled with errors and copied nearly verbatim from the ACLU, a research lab has been launched for scientists to pursue intelligent design-inspired scientific research, and states and localities are continuing to adopt public policies to encourage students to study the scientific evidence for and against Darwin's theory.

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Welcome to the New Home of the ID The Future Podcast

Popular Intelligent Design and Evolution Podcast and Blogsite Upgrade Their Web Presence

Discovery Institute has turned the blog site into a podcast, making it the permanent home of the popular ID The Future podcast.

The ID The Future (IDTF) podcast has garnered over 20,000 subscribers and averages over 1,000 individual listeners for each of its podcasts in its first six months online. IDTF continues the Center's mission of exploring the issues central to intelligent design and evolution, featuring brief interviews with key scientists and scholars developing the theory of ID, as well as insightful commentary from Discovery Institute senior fellows and staff on the scientific, educational and legal aspects of the debate.

"Our ID The Future podcast has become so popular that we're going to completely devote one of our internet sites to promoting the recordings for people to listen to anytime, anywhere," said Robert Crowther, director of communications for the Center for Science & Culture. "People are thirsty for information about intelligent design and about the debate over evolution, and ID The Future is one of the ways we plan to quench that thirst."

According to Crowther, will become home to the podcast of the same name and will solely be an audio blog site. The Institute's popular Evolution News & Views website will continue to report news and analysis in a written format. The Evolution News & Views website has been redesigned and will continue to analyze the news media's coverage of the debate over how to teach evolution. Additionally, the commentary of scientists and scholars previously published on the ID The Future blog will now appear at Evolution News & Views.

"We have seen the mainstream media repeatedly misrepresent what intelligent design is, and what Discovery's position on related issues is, either through sloppy reporting or blatant editorializing," said Crowther. "So as a public policy think-tank, using the podcasts and blogs to speak for ourselves and to present our own views in our own words is something that we see as critical to educating the public."

ID The Future can be found at, and Evolution News & Views is at You can also visit the Center for Science & Culture's homepage at

December 18, 2006

What Does it Mean to be Human: the Darwin vs. Design Divide

On this episode of ID The Future Seth Cooper reports about an insightful essay by Eric Cohen, titled "The Human Difference," in the current issue of Commentary magazine.

According to Cooper Cohen's article misses the mark on the place of the theory of ID in the important debate over what it means to be human, and goes on to argue that it is ID that makes the question of human meaning meaningful.

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December 15, 2006

Smithsonian Scientist Demoted for Views Critical of Darwinian Evolution

On this episode of ID The Future we report on the demotion of a well-published evolutionary biologist critical of Darwinian evolution has been found to be religiously and politically motivated, according to a new government report.

The House Government Reform Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources has issued its official report on the investigation into the harassment and discrimination against biologist see here). The congressional report bluntly states: The staff investigation has uncovered compelling evidence that Dr. Sternberg's civil and constitutional rights were violated by Smithsonian officials. Posted here is the Executive Summary of the report. The full report can be downloaded here, and the appendix can be downloaded here.

play_button.gif Click here to listen.

Go here to read the executive summary of the report.